Individual support and consulting for people using individual modular services tailored made to provide sustainable mental and physical stability.

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We always consider the question "What keeps people healthy". We focus on Individuals make them able to take resource- and solution-oriented measures by applying appropriate impulses and signals at the right time.



The approaches adopted in the framework of our Corporate Health Management system revolve around primary prevention and the promotion of health, in addition to preventative strategies which are behaviour and/or situation-based. The target group addressed here consists of anyone employed by companies or organisations. The requirements for each individual are determined using evidence-based methods from the fields of medicine, sports science and occupational psychology.

We design and supervise health projects for companies of any size according to the latest findings from preventive medicine, modern sports science and occupational psychology.

We design and deliver simple yet long-lasting solutions without major organisational effort for your company.



You will then be fired up with enthusiasm whenever it is important for your personal success and you wish to create an impression of strength, energy and competence. Whether in your career or private life, in terms of your family, health or other issues – you are sure to achieve whatever goals you have set yourself!

Learn "how" from one of our coaching services. Your very own coach will guide you toward personal success throughout your target landscape.

We offer you competent help and support in your efforts to actively put together a practical roadmap for your life as quickly as possible. This will then guide you on your way.

We will assist you in learning to apply the changes to your life, ensuring long-lasting effects and meaningful re-orientation.



Ruedi Josuran worked as a radio presenter and editor from 1992 to 2007, most recently performing this role at DRS 1, and has also acted as the anchorman on a range of programmes. In 2009 he became the new host of the SF2 talk show "Fenster zum Sonntag" appearing every fortnight on Sundays. When he too personally experienced burnout, this prompted him to put his experience at the service of others. Since May 2012 he has been working for BGM Forum Schweiz by writing a weekly blog about dealing with stress and self-awareness.


An assessed check-up helps us to establish your current state of health together with you, with the results of these tests then being used by you to determine your goals. You tackle the next steps in the process with the help of your health coach. We assist you in working towards your personal goals for health.



BGM Forum Schweiz organises events such as lectures, seminars, workshops and panel discussions, or chairs special sessions dealing with this issue. An increasing number of companies and organisations are recognising the importance of providing both management and staff with sensitive yet effective support. We offer individual advice, support and assistance that are tailored to your needs.

Flyer Seminars on Burnout and how to prevent it (PDF)

Ruedi Josuran, BGM Blog & Media Management

Blog about dealing with stress and self-awareness


Comprehensive Corporate Health Management refers to the development of integrated company structures and processes which are aimed at promoting health in relation to work, organisation and behaviour at the workplace and is designed to benefit employees and the organisation in equal measure.

Corporate Health Management thus revolves around a comprehensive prevention and health promotion concept that gives equal consideration to work conditions and individual lifestyle choices.



Corporate Health Promotion encompasses several levels: It starts with the traditional aspects of exercise, diet and relaxation, proceeds from the issue of stress and its prevention to the question of employability and a health-oriented management style/work organisation and comes full circle with Corporate Health Management.

Health Management and Corporate Health Promotion form part of a comprehensive Corporate Health Management system.